1.3.3 Does your university as a body provide support (e.g. food, housing, transportation, legal services) for students from low income families to enable them to complete university?

provide support for students from low income families to enable them to complete university









Student Support Fund


Within the framework of the Social Solidarity Initiative, almost all colleges have established a Student Support Fund to help and support students financially and morally by activating the role of professors in supporting the Fund with financial amounts as well as activating the role of representatives of the stages in the search for students with limited income and diagnosing them confidentially for the purpose of including them in the Fund's plan.





About the Fund .This fund provides financial assistance in a variety of ways to college students who face financial difficulties that may prevent them from being able to continue their university career.
The Student Support Fund receives applications from students applying for financial assistance, examines these applications and applies the criteria specified therein, and accordingly determines the student's eligibility for financial assistance or not







Free Transportation Services

Free Transportation Services within the campuses and from centre campuses to Qurna Campuses 70km north. The University of Basra has provided transportation on and off campus for students and staff.













Free lunch Meal

Free lunch Meal for Internal department poor students were served to help them to concentrate on their exams













world Food Day

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Basrah, organizes activities on the occasion of World Food Day

The University of Basrah organised under the patronage of the President of the University of Basrah, Prof. Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi and in cooperation with the Department of Student Activities on Wednesday 20/10/2021 to equip a set of food baskets for employees, workers and students who are destitute as well as needy families living throughout Basra Governorate.












  factory for food industries

The University of Basrah created a factory for food industries for the sustainable development of its farms products

The President of the University of Basrah, Prof. Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi, inaugurated the Food Industries Laboratory at the Faculty of Agriculture
The President of the University pointed out his full support for projects that contribute to providing students of internal departments and local markets with processed foods from meat and chicken and competing with imported products. The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Sajid Saad Al-Nour, explained that the main objective of the Food Industries Lab is to develop the experience of students of primary and postgraduate studies to apply the practical aspect and contribute to their readiness in the future to open their own projects after graduation and thus provide job opportunities for a number of graduates. In addition to providing the needs of students of the internal departments of the university of food at subsidized prices.













 Employment and Follow-up Center

Al-Zahra College of Medicine, University of Basrah organised a donation campaign to prepare food baskets distributed by the staff of the College to eligible students families