.The University helps the students who fall into the bottom 20% of household income group

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support students


Within the objectives of the University of Basrah to support students who are below the poverty line and who wish to complete their studies in the medical group and in  accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to continue applying for the free scholarship paid for admission to the medical group in private universities and colleges until the end of official working hours from Thursday, corresponding to 2020 12/24.














Food Industry

The President of the University of Basra, Prof. Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi, inaugurated a laboratory for food industries in the College of AgricultureThe university president indicated his full support for the projects that contribute to supplying the students of the internal departments and the local market with processed foods from meat and chicken and competing with imported products. The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Sajid Saad Al-Nour, explained that the main objective of the food industries lab is to develop the experience of the students of primary and higher studies to apply the practical aspect and contribute to their readiness in the future to open their own projects after graduation and thus provide job opportunities for a number of graduates. In addition to providing the needs of the students of the internal departments of the university of foodstuffs at subsidized prices. Al-Nour explained the importance of the university brand and the confidence of the Basra community in its products, especially since processed foods are under the supervision of experts from the Food Department at the Faculty of Agriculture.













transportation cars

The University of Basrah - College of Medicine, allocates cars to transport female students of University Dormitories for free 
















Operating a free private train to transport students

By cooperation between the University and local government, Running a special free train to transport university students from Zubair district to Basra University 













Free lunch for poor boarding students

From almost all Colleges and by their staff, free lunch Meal for Internal department poor students were served to help them to concentrate on their study. The President of the University of Basra, Prof. Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi , visited the internal departments to see the conditions of the students during the examination period and as a program of the University in order to save time for them for the purpose of studying, the chancellor ordered that a lunch Meal be provided to them all time of the exams.