Water management is an essential factor for university. Therefore, Basrah’s university has formulated a policy to promote and support students and staff to save energy by setting up energy-saving activities, projects, and activities. It is also necessary to increase the operation of water recycling. Also, energy-saving appliances enable students and staff to change their energy consumption behavior and reduce faulty equipment that wastes energy.

The university partially invests in getting clean water operating Reverse osmosis systems serving students and faculty staff for drinking water.

Basrah university involves the Implementation of the Water Recycling Program. Recycling Waste Water using water from natural ponds for watering trees to replace tap water.

Many projects of wastewater treatments were carried out at the  University of Basrah by postgraduate students. We were thinking of using phytotechnology and Eco-friendly products to treat wastewater for university and local society.


A project of postgraduate student recycling wastewater for irrigation