Several solutions to achieve more sustainable transportation are provided for staff and students. These solutions help reduce air pollution by reducing the number of vehicles on campus.

Several buses run through the university campus. They are provided by the university and can be used free of charge. Besides, the Ministry of transportation also shares some buses serve students around the campus. They act as shuttle buses, so there is little demand for taxis.

Also, the University of Basrah has been able to reduce the parking area of ​​the campus. This is done by formulating some important policies. Some of these policies are designed to prohibit students’ cars and taxis from entering the campus. Other systems help encourage employees to use buses, minibusses, car-sharing instead of private cars. Besides, priority is given to creating gardens and other open spaces outside the parking.

The University of Basrah has made great efforts to design and build sidewalks across. These pedestrian paths are located around and between buildings to walk safely without worrying about moving vehicles.

Shuttle bus

Pedestrian paths