The university’s attention and prepared a plan for energy use and climate change. In our program, we defined several indicators for this specific area of ​​concern, namely the use of energy-saving appliances, the implementation of smart buildings, renewable energy use policies, total electricity consumption, and energy-saving plans, Green element buildings, climate change adaptation and mitigation plans, greenhouse gas emission reduction policies, and carbon footprints. Within these indicators’ scope, the university is expected to increase its building energy efficiency efforts and pay more attention to natural and energy resources.

In recent years, the use of energy-efficient applicants at all University of Basrah buildings has always been the primary concern to save energy and manage our energy use sustainability. Therefore, the utilization rate of energy-saving applicants, especially LED lights and laptop computers.

Solar cells and light sensors are distributed in some buildings of university campuses.

Solar cells on College of the engineering building


         Light sensor / Health campus